High School Graduation Requirements
Grade 9

English 9
Math 9
World History
Physical Education
Spanish I
World Civilizations
French I 
Public Speaking
Keyboarding I
Foods I
Grade 10

English 10
Consumer Math
United States History
Physical Science
Physical Education
Spanish II
Hebrew Bible Literature
French II
Algebra I 
Typing I
Keyboarding II
Foods II
Grade 11

English 11
Business Math
American Gov't/Civics
Environmental Science
Physical Education
Greek Bible Literature
Contemporary Novels
Typing II
ROP (Job Training)
Work Experience
Grade 12

English 12
Public Speaking
Comparative Religion
Appreciating Literature
Algebra II 
ROP (Job Training)
Work Experience
Many states have a minimum course requirement code for graduation from high school, and the following courses are common to most states. There may be an additional history course for your particular state that is mandatory as well, so you must include that with the following course structure. We can provide you with that course also.
(A) Four courses in English

(B) Three courses in Mathematics, to include Algebra I

(C) Two courses in Science, including Biological & Physical Sciences

(D) Three courses in Social Sciences, including United States History and 
       World History, a one-semester course in American Government & Civics, 
       and a one-semester course in Economics

(E) One course in Visual or Performing Arts,  American Sign Language, 
       or a course in a Foreign Language

(F) Two courses in Physical Education
The following is a suggested High School program
Choose five or more courses for each school year