TB Symbol for “Textbook”
WB Symbol for “Workbook”


English  K        Develops auditory motor  training  and auditory discrimination.
                         TB “Pals Kit”& WB’s “Starting Out”,“Off We Go”, & “Look , Listen,                                         Learn ”
English  1         Cover vocabulary, Sentence, and grammar usage.
                          WB “Language ” & “Spelling 1”
English  2         Continues with grammar, punctuation, & composition.
                          WB “Language ” &  “Spelling 2”
English  3         Enlarges on grammar & usages, composition, & Study skills.
                          WB “Language ” & “Spelling 3”   
English  4         Builds on vocabulary, sentence, grammar,& composition.
                          WB “Language ” &  “Spelling 4”
English  5        Teaches sentences structure, paragraphs, & dictionary usage.
                          WB “Language ” & “Spelling 5”
English  6         Builds on types of sentences, composition, & reports.
                          WB “Language ” &  “Spelling 6”
English  7        Teaches verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc, Plus writing.
                         TB & WB “Middle School Handbook” (Level B) & TB “Spelling 7”
English  8         Enlarges on grammar usage, agreement, & composition.
                         TB & WB “Middle School Handbook” (Level C) & TB “Spelling 8”
English  9         Emphasizes modes of writing, essays, & grammar mechanics.
                          WB "Holt High School Handbook 9"
English 10        Teaches grammar , writing, vocabulary, & composition.
                          WB "Holt High School Handbook 10" and TB “Vocabulary &                                                    Composition III"
English 11        Enlarges on grammar, writing, vocabulary, & composition.
                          WB "Holt High School Handbook 11" TB "Read With Understanding"
English 12        Emphasizes the art of proper writing.
                          WB "Holt High School Handbook 12"


Literature K   See English Course

Literature 1    Multiple grade level stories to develop reading and composition.
                       TB “ Rainbow World” & WB “Learning from The Great Teacher”
Literature 2    Develops reading & comprehension.
                       TB “Mirrors & Images” & “Magic Times” with WB “My Book of Bible                         Stories” 
Literature  3   Stories to develop reading & comprehension.
                        TB "Secrets & Surprises" & TB "Full Circle" & WB's.
Literature 4     Multiple stories to develop reading skills with workbook questions.
                        TB "Rhymes & Reasons" and workbook
Literature 5     Selected stories to develop reading and comprehension skills.
                        TB "Echoes of Time" and workbook
Literature 6     Selected stories to enhance reading and comprehension .
                        TB "The Language of Literature"
Literature 7     Classical stories to enhance reading and build comprehension.
                        TB "Adventures for Readers" (Book One)
Literature 8     Classical stories to enhance reading and build comprehension.
                        TB "Adventures for Readers" (Book Two)
Lit. 9-12           Appreciating Literature
                         Well known stories and poetry to build comprehension skills.
Lit. 9-12           Contemporary Novels - Students select 12 books of their choice and                                    write 12 Book reports to contain: 1)conflicts, (2) setting, (3) plot, 
                         (4) climax, and (5) outcome.
Lit. 9-12           Hebrew Bible Literature
                         Weekly work gradually covers history of the Hebrew nation.
Lit. 9-12           Greek Bible Literature
                         Weekly work gradually covers the Greek scriptures.


Math K - Builds number sense by modeling.
           WBs "Investigating School Mathematics," "Math in Our World," 
               and "Math Around Us"
Math 1 - Develops basic number concepts with visual aids.
          WB "Progress In Mathematics 1"
Math 2  - Teaches adding and subtraction with visual aids.
          WB "Progress In Mathematics 2"
Math 3 - Teaches multiplication, division and beginning fractions.
         TB "Progress In Mathematics 3" with clear questions.
Math 4 - Continues with fractions, decimals, and beginning geometry.
         TB "Progress In Mathematics 4"
Math 5 - Introduces equations, problem solving, real numbers.
         TB "Saxon Math 56”
Math 6 - Introduces equations, problem solving, real numbers.
         TB "Saxon Math 65”
Math 7 - Covers metric system, integers, probability and geometry.
         TB “Saxon Math  76”
Math 8 - Introduces equations, problem solving, real numbers.
         TB "Saxon Math 87”
Math 9-12  Basic Mathematics - Teaches Fundamental Math Concepts
         TB "Basic Mathematics With Early Integers"
Math 9-12  Consumer Mathematics
         Teaches personal budgeting, income tax, purchases, etc.
         TB "Business Math"
Math 9-12  Business Mathematics
         Teaches promissory notes, interest, annuities, sinking funds, etc.
         TB "Business Math "
Math  9-12  Pre Algebra
         Teaches scientific notation, real numbers, relations and functions.
         TB  "Saxon Algebra 1/2"
Math 9-12  Algebra I
         Covers linear equations, inequalities and quadratic functions.
        TB "Saxon Algebra 1"
Math 9-12  Geometry
          Presents congruency, similarities, coordinate and space geometry.
          TB "Glenco Geometry"
Math 9-12  Algebra 2
         Teaches quadratic equations and trigonometric functions.
         TB "Saxon Algebra 2"
Math 9-12  Pre-Calculus
         Teaches functions and limits
         TB "Precalculus"


SS K - Builds understanding of self and the world around us.
           WB (Activity Sheets) and  TB "Families and Neighborhoods"
SS 1 - Teaches myself and family, our country, and maps.
          TB "Families and Friends" and workbook
SS 2 - Focuses on the world around us, maps and globes.
         TB "People and Neighborhoods" and workbook
SS 3 - Presents communities and needed laws.
         TB "Communities:  People and Places" and workbook
SS 4 - Teaches about people throughout the earth.
          TB "The Earth and Its People" and workbook
SS 5 - Presents the history of the United States.
         TB "America Past and Present" with questions
SS 6 - Teaches about eastern people and their culture.
         TB "Eastern Hemisphere" with questions
History 7 - Teaches about western people and their culture.
          TB "World Cultures andGeography" with questions
History 8 - A history of the United States.
         TB "A Proud Nation" with questions
History 9-12  World Civilizations
           A world history from the beginning of  man to 1500 A.D.
          TB "Human Heritage"
History 9-12  World History
           A world history from 1000 A.D. to the present.
          TB "Modern World History"
History 9-12  U.S. History
          Gives a history from the founding of America to the present.
          TB "American Passages"
History 9-12   American Government 
           A study of the constitution and how American government functions.
          TB "Civics Today"
History 9-12  World Geography-Teaches location & cultures of countries worldwide
           TB "World Geography"


Science KDevelops ability to use basic science skills.
       TB "Holt Science" and WB (Activity Sheets)
Science 1Teaches observations of the world around us.
       TB "Accent on Science 1" and workbook
Science 2Presents more detailed concepts such as "air and weather."
       TB "Accent on Science 2" and workbook
Science 3Teaches matter and living things in our world.
       TB "Accent on Science 3" and workbook
Science 4Focuses on the human body, sound, and oceans.
       TB "Accent on Science 4" and workbook
Science 5Teaches how we live on planet earth.
       TB "Science and Technology" with TB questions
Science 6 Presents matter, human body systems, and the environment.
        TB "Earth Science"  TB questions and workbook
Science 7 Teaches how living things function and survive
        TB "Focus on Life Science" with TB questions
Science 8 Deals with matter, energy, the atom, electricity, sound and light
        TB "Life - How Did It Get Here?  By Evolution Or By Creation?"
        TB "Holt Physical Science" with TB questions
Science 9-12    Physical Science
        Teaches motion and forces, structure of matter, and chemistry.
        TB "Physical Science"
Science 9-12    Biology
          Deals with the body, renewal, cell structure and diversity.
         TB "Biology: The Science of Life"
          Booklets "THE ORIGIN OF LIFE" and "WAS LIFE CREATED?"
Science 9-12     Chemistry
         Teaches gases, solids, liquids, atomic structure and reactions.
         TB "Chemistry: Connections To Our Changing World"
Science 9-12     Environmental Science
         Covers man and his environment, energy and the future.
         TB "Environmental Science”
Science 9-12    Physics
          Teaches mechanics, atomic structure, fundamental laws
          TB "Physics"


Spanish IIntroductory Spanish, developing vocabulary and writing skills.
      WB "Spanish Is Fun" 2nd Edition
Spanish II      Continues to develop communication skills.
      WB "Spanish is Fun" 2nd Edition
French I  Introductory French, developing vocabulary and writing skills.
      WB "French Is Fun" 2nd Edition
French IIContinues to develop communication skills
      WB "French Is Fun" 2nd Edition


Foods 1&2 - Teaches how to develop a healthy and economical diet.
        TB "Foods For Today" 


Bus. Math - Covers payroll, discounts, taxes and financial statements.
   TB "Business Math"

Typing and Keyboarding 
    Begins mastery of keyboard skills and production skills.
    TB "Mavis Beacon Typing"

Computer Courses (Outside courses only)
   Programming, graphics, word processing, CAD, etc.
   Course will vary according to hardware and software you provide.

Art - Exploring Visual Design - The Elements and Principles


Public Speaking - Develops the basic requirements  speaking and confidence.
        TB "Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School” (Guidebook)


Economics - Gives a foundation to understand economics of the everyday world.
        TB "Economic Education For Consumers"


Work Experience - Allows credit for building working skills and responsibility.
              TB "Economic Education For Consumers" (selected chapters)


P.E. -   Aerobics and calisthenics that develop body functions.
           Four hours per week is the minimum required


         Can be taken privately or with public education facilities.


Involves all types of voice or instrumental lessons.
Can be taken privately or with public education facilities.


Regional Occupational Training                                                                                        
    A variety of working skill courses offered by local counties.


KindergartenTeaches health and safety concepts.
                 TB "You and Your Health"

Grade 6 - Meets state requirements for elementary health education.
                TB “Teen Health”

 Grades  8-12 - Meets the needs of today’s teens by focusing on health issues from 
                      an adolescent perspective
                      TB  “Holt Health”